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Bare Bone Accounting

Who are we? 

We are the Auckland accountants that can make your life easier! 

We'll use our whiz-bang gadgets and expertise to take care of whatever you need us to, while you're free to look after your Auckland business, staff and customers.  Leave us to manage the boring bits and carry on with what you enjoy!

Our business systems provide you with a whole range of support.



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Mike is one of those understated assets; he’s not big on fanfare and pomp but just gets on with things. He’s an all-round good bloke with great heart, and tackles everything with good humour and grit determination. Mike loves helping others succeed in their chosen venture, and he really does understand the heartache and hardship other people and businesses are constantly facing.

When Mike’s not putting in the hard yards at work, he’ll be doing something for the family or out pounding the streets running, cycling or casually doing a four kilometre swim for his next big event.

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Jenny may work behind the scenes at Bare Bones Accounting, but she’s an integral part of the team. She takes care of the details and makes sure everyone is doing things properly. Jenny’s special skill is relationship management and customer service, making sure our clients are well taken care of. She's also responsible for all of the routine aspects like filing and systems management.

Jenny loves outdoor life including running and cycling. She prefers being on top of the water instead of in it and enjoys kayaking along Auckland’s beautiful coastline.

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