Is ACC CoverPlus Extra right for me?

ACC CoverPlus Extra

A flexible alternative to ACC CoverPlus, ACC CoverPlus Extra enables you to negotiate your level of lost earnings cover. You know exactly what you’ll receive if you’re injured and can’t work – and it doesn’t matter whether the injury is work related.

At a glance

  • ACC CoverPlus Extra is available to self-employed and non-PAYE shareholder-employees who work 30 hours or more per week, and to part-timers whose earnings exceed the ACC CoverPlus Extra minimum (which changes each year).
  • You negotiate your level of lost earnings cover.
  • You receive 100% of this lost earnings cover (less tax) if you can’t work because of an injury, starting one week after your injury. This stays the same even if your business continues to generate income during your time off work or you return to work part-time.
  • You can opt for Lower Levels of Weekly Compensation (LLWC) which offers a lower levy rate because weekly compensation will reduce if your business continues to generate income during your time off work or you return to work part-time.
  • You don’t have to prove loss of earnings when you make a claim.
  • You have access to medical and work-related help as part of your ACC CoverPlus Extra policy.

Is it right for me?

ACC CoverPlus Extra is a great option for self-employed people and non-PAYE shareholder-employees if:

  • You are in your first year as a self employed person and are no longer on PAYE. It will be your only form of ACC cover until you file your first self-employed tax return, and is therefore essential over this period. 
  • You work 30 hours or more a week, or work part-time and earn an income that’s above the ACC CoverPlus Extra minimum (which changes every year)
  • Your income fluctuates from year to year
  • Your personal income isn't a true reflection of your actual earnings. For example you split your income with a partner or spouse, or take advantage of options to reduce your tax
  • Your business will continue generating income even if you were injured and couldn’t work
  • You are starting out in your own business and don’t have an income history
  • You want a guaranteed level of lost earnings compensation

What does ACC CoverPlus Extra cover?

You will receive all the normal entitlements of ACC CoverPlus, and the following benefits may be available depending on the nature of your injury and needs.

Help for partial disabilities

  • If you can’t work full time or continue receiving business earnings because of your injury, you still qualify for 100% of your agreed cover (less tax).
  • If your injury has a serious long-term effect through a permanent impairment, lump-sum payments may be available.


ACC can contribute to a wide range of medical and related costs, including doctors’ visits, treatment by various other health professionals, surgery, X-rays and prescriptions.

Returning to work

ACC are committed to helping you to recover and get back to work as quickly as possible, and if you can’t return to your old job because of injury, they will help you prepare for finding a new one.

Personal help

  • If you need help managing at home after an injury, ACC can arrange help with things like housework, personal care, transport, aids, modifications and childcare.
  • If you have to travel for assessments, ACC can help with transport and accommodation costs.
  • This may also include assistance for support people.

In case of death

ACC has a number of grants available in case you or one of your family dies as a result of injury. These include funeral grants, survivors’ grants, help with childcare and weekly compensation. For more details, visit

How does it compare?

ACC CoverPlus


How much does it cost?

ACC CoverPlus Extra levies are calculated based on:

  • the levy rate specific to your business and/or occupational activity. Non-PAYE shareholder-employees can be classified under their individual occupation.
  • the agreed level of lost earnings cover.

To calculate the cost of your ACC CoverPlus Extra levies, use the online calculator at


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