Small Business Accounting

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Small Business Accounting

While accounting is an integral part of any business, it’s often an area business owners don’t have the time, skills or knowledge to take care of efficiently. Yet getting this essential element right will benefit both your business and your stress levels!

We are the accountants that can make your life easier!

We can do as much or as little as you need; pay your contractors (subtract withholding tax) on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, collect money owed to you, complete and file your GST, prepare accounts and file tax returns, prepare budgets and more! It’s important that you understand the financial side of your business, so we won't baffle you with big scary terms. We'll make sure to translate everything in a way you can understand. Talk to us about anything you're struggling with; we are great listeners and problem solvers.

BookkeepingThe benefits of accurate accounting:

  • Compliance with tax rules
  • Reliable reports
  • Accurate estimates for GST, PAYE, income tax and withholding tax ahead of time
  • You can easily see what you’re owed and what you owe others
  • Good records for loan applications
  • Accountability for all areas of the business
  • Understand what makes you money and what costs you more to produce (both services and products)
  • Bank account balance tracking
  • Forecasting
  • End of Year reporting is easier, resulting in lower costs for you

Common problems we see with accounting in small businesses:                                              

  • Lack of experience and knowledge
  • Fear of asking for help
  • Business owners giving full access to bank accounts when it's not necessary
  • Business owners not fully understanding roles and tasks
  • Inaccurate data going in, resulting in inaccurate data coming out

At Bare Bones we can help you with EVERYTHING related to accounting including:

  • GST
  • PAYE
  • Withholding tax
  • Income tax
  • FBT
  • Management Reporting
  • Reconciling
  • Budgeting
  • Payroll
  • Forecasting
  • Training staff on systems                 
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Financing
  • Setting up in house roles and systems
  • Quality checks
  • System checks
  • Cost analysis
  • Interviewing staff
  • Advice

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