Our Pricing Policy


We believe it’s important for you to know what you are paying for

The main thing we sell is our time and expertise. To give you a better understanding of how we charge for our work, we have broken everything down into a standard fee structure. Our fees are based on the time we spend working on a job, but we also use this standard fee structure as a guideline on what final fees should look like.

Apart from the charge out rates and Xero fees, which are fixed, the other prices are indicative and depend on the accuracy of files and documentation provided, the volume and complexity of transactions and the speed and frequency with which you respond to requests for information. 

  • Our current charge out rates for accounting services are: Senior Accountant $150; Accountant $100; Bookkeeper $50; per hour.
  • Xero subscription fees are: Starter/Cashbook $30; Standard $62; Premium $77; per month.
  • Filing returns usually works out to be: Income tax returns $175; GST returns $175; Company office annual returns $110; per return.
  • Financial reports usually work out to be: Sole Trader Accounts $500 – $800; Company and Partnership Financial Statements $1,200 – $1,500; per year.
  • Provisional tax reviews/reminders and tax pooling arrangements usually work out to be: $150 per provisional tax instalment.
  • General tax and business advice is complimentary up to a certain point, after which it is charged at the senior accountant rate.
  • Specialised tax advice is outsourced and can cost $250 – $350 per hour. The actual cost is just passed on.
  • All the above prices exclude GST.

Pricing options include paying as the work is done, in which case the above fee structure will apply.

Or if you use our monthly fixed price packages, it works out to be roughly 20% cheaper for you.

We can give you a fixed price quote for the packages listed or for a customised package, or we can give you an estimate if you require one before we start the work.

If we give you an estimate, it is an estimate and not a fixed price quote. If we don’t have any previous history working with you, we may require a deposit of 50% of the estimate before we start a job and the balance on completion before we hand over the financial statements and file the tax returns.

Otherwise, fees will be based on the above fee structure.

We believe our fees are very reasonable, but please tell us if you don’t think that’s the case