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xero-certified-advisor-logo-CMYKXero is an easy software program for users, however don't be fooled into thinking it's simplistic!

Most users will find there is so much more they could be doing with the software, and if it can't do something, there will be an add-on for it.

Our philosophy is that software needs to make both your life and end of year completion easier. Business owners may need to weigh up saving time versus the additional cost factor. Saving some money each month by not using software could be costing you time that would be better spent making, selling and promoting your business. Feel free to talk to us so we can help you make a decision.

Not sure about Xero? Call Mike for advice 021-683-783. 

Xero improves cash-flow with online accounting

  • dashboard for control
  • bank reconciliation 
  • interactive reports
  • inventory tracking

Easy quotes, invoicing and payment reminders

Xero saves time and improves productivity

  • payroll management
  • reporting for IRD
  • mobile apps 
  • login online 

Easy access for accounting and tax checks